Please input your trading account number
1. The “Reset Login Password” is applicable to online trading accounts (i.e. PN, MN and EN), asset management accounts (i.e. PC), and offline trading accounts (i.e. AC and M0); The “Reset Login Password” is NOT applicable to 03 accounts (SP trading system) and ME accounts;
2. If you are an offline client (e.g. AC/M0), you can create a new password with “Reset Login Password” function. Offline clients CANNOT log into online trading platform with this new password. The new password will only be used for the purpose for opening online accounts through “Online Account Opening” platform.
3. If you have multiple trading accounts (e.g. PN/MN/EN/PC/AC/M0), your login password of other trading accounts will also be changed after resetting the password of any of your accounts.
If you have any enquiries, please contact HK hotline at (852)26638888 or China hotline at (86)4006088498